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Our Panda accommodations

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Our Panda approach

Panda for holidays in the heart of nature, distributed in regional natural parks, national parks, Natura 2OOO areas, sites, nature reserves, major sites in France, perimeters distinguished by UNESCO or some sites of exceptional quality! All under the control of the World Wild Foundation (WWF).

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What are Panda accommodations ?

The « Gîtes Panda » are accommodations Gîtes de France®, (Cottages, bed and breakfast, Groups cottages) WWF gives its label when they meet three conditions :

  • Biodiversity & the protection of nature: the gardens and natural spaces are the protection to the wildlife and flowers.
  • Eco habitat : healthy and natural materials used in building renovation, energy saving devices, etc .;
  • Eco-citizenship : waste sorting, compost, rainwater harvesting, biodegradable cleaning products, valued soft mobility, etc...

Panda cottages, why ?

The WWF act throught the network panda cottages and gives its label to cottages in order to :

  • Better protect natural spaces : the owner of panda cottage engaged to preserve animals and plants on his property and, in generally, à gérer son hébergement de façon écologique,
  • Faire découvrir aux clients des gîtes, adultes et enfants, la richesse et la diversité de la nature

Privileged sites for hiking and observation

The cottages, B & B's or "Panda" Group Cottages must correspond to one of the following two situations:

  • Be located on a property with a walk and observation trail (nature trail) reserved for the use of guests of the cottage;
  • Be located in close proximity to walking and nature viewing areas within walking distance.

What is the proposed equipment?

All "Panda Cottage" offers its customers a dedicated space that includes:

  • Guides to identify local fauna and flora,
  • Binoculars,
  • Documentation and maps presenting the Regional or National Nature Park, the Natura 2000 area, etc ...
  • Fight against air pollution and the climate change it causes,
  • Staff maps of the site and the region,
  • Information leaflets on the local nature and its possibilities of discoveries (visits of natural reserves, nature animations, etc.),
  • WWF Ecological Healing Tips,
  • Where applicable, a booklet interpreting the environment of a trail near the accommodation.

The commitments of the owner

The owner of Gîte Panda is committed to preserving the natural wealth of his property or to work to safeguard those around. It makes this commitment in the framework of an agreement which binds it to the WWF in which is implanted the lodging. It is also involved in the ecological management of its cottage (renewable energies, cleaning products, waste sorting, etc.)


What is WWF?

WWF is the world's largest, private and apolitical association for the protection of nature and the environment. He works in France and in the world for:

  • Safeguard endangered animal and plant species: panda in China, tiger in Siberia, Pyrenees bears, dolphins, seals and whales in the Mediterranean Sea ...
  • Fight against deforestation: that of the tropical forest of course, but also the more insidious of our temperate forests which are becoming poorer and are gradually turning into simple plantations,
  • Stop intensive fishing which has already depleted nearly 60% of marketable fish stocks,
  • Fight against air pollution and the climate changes it causes,
  • Preserving wetlands: Brenne, Camargue, etc.
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Cottages and Bed and Breakfast are accommodations offering a high level of comfort (3 to 4 ears). Located in a picturesque setting and tastefully decorated, these places of charm will disorient you in the most beautiful ways.

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The owners invite you to discover their accommodation in formula cottages or bed and breakfast as part of our charter 'Christmas in Alsace'.

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Customers’ trophies

Customers’ trophies

These accommodations got the « Trophées clients Gîtes de France 2016 » rewarding rentals which enjoy outstanding average global rating, equal to or higher than 4.9/5, that received at least 25 opinions in the last two years.Congratulations to all of them.

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The best rated

The best rated

Gîtes de France®, French and European leader in tourism for and by the inhabitant, has just been awarded the very select stamp "NF Service - Avis Clients1" by AFNOR Certification, guaranteeing Internet users that the opinions available online are very reliable.

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Little prices

Little prices

The Alsatian holidays, it's for all budgets! Find here all the offers at less than 300 € that will not hurt your wallet.

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Tourisme & Handicap

Tourism & Disability

A tourism accessible to all: in addition to the Gîtes de France label, accommodation can receive the Tourisme et Handicap label. This one is granted to the lodgings, the rooms of hosts and the lodgings which answer the very precise criteria.

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Les gîtes Panda


The 'Panda' Gîtes represent accommodation listed by Gîtes de France, situated in National Parks and agreed by the French World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Owners undertake to respect the natural environment of their Gîte and help their visitors discover the richness and diversity of nature (e.g. by providing a discovery box with binoculars, guides, maps, specific documentation, etc.).

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The Ecogîtes are accommodations labeled by Gîtes de France which limit their impact on the environment.

An Eco touristic process
In order to combine tourism with the respect for the environment, the Ecogîtes have to accommodate themselves in the environment, use the renewable energies, a better waste management, use the local materials…

The management of the resources
Depending on what your owner chose or the possibility he had for the conception and renovation of their Gîte, you will be able to discover power sources such as photovoltaic/thermal solar energy, wind turbine, hydroelectric power. In an Ecogîte there is also the question of the management of water and waste. Visit the official website to see the different details of the Ecogîtes.

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Valeurs Parc

Valeurs Parc

The new national brand "Valeurs Parc naturel régional" aimed the enterprises who wish to show their engagment for the sustainable development : valorization of the territory's resources, conservation of the environment, wellness of women and men.

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Tourisme de mémoire

Memory tourism

Our adherents participated to our certifying day "Memory tourism" with Mr. Yann PROUILLET, historian and director of "Bureau d'Etudes en Aménagement des Territoires de Mémoire Edhisto", to make you discover the vestiges of the past in the Haut-Rhin. At the end of the day, each participant received a diploma attesting to their participation in the Gîtes de France certified training. This stay will seduce all those who wish to learn more about the remains of the Great War in the Vosges, the sites of Memory in 1918 and also the Hartmannswillerkopf.

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Get off the routine and spend a stay in an unusual accommodation labeled Gîtes de France in Alsace.

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table d'hôtes

Table d'hôtes

Find here all our accommodations offering a table d'hôte composed of delicious local products in the company of the owners. The opportunity to have a good time in good company.

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in the garden

In the garden

Cottages and Bed and Breakfast benefiting from the "Gîte au Jardin" approval offer you peaceful stays in the heart of remarkable gardens of passionate amateurs or experts in botany.

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The holiday rentals that are offered in this section correspond to a new "qualification" of our offer "Gîtes de France". You will be welcomed by professionals in love with their craft related to the world of vine and wine or by owners passionate about the world of vine and wine.

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Les gîtes à moto


You will stay in accommodations which will enable or facilitate motorbike hosting. Get the most out of your passion for two wheels!

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avec bébé

With baby

All the accommodations we propose are equipped to welcome you and your baby.

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For vacations in the mountains or just a ski weekend, the 'Snow' Gîtes are an ideal solution. This classification is given by Gîtes de France to certain accommodation that provides everything you will need for your ski vacation: Located within 15km of a ski slope, provide storage for ski equipment, facilitate access by clearing snow from road, provide information on winter activities

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Déplacement professionnel

Business travel

Our network of accommodations and bed & breakfast for all your business trips, temporary works, construction sites, labelled Gîtes de France, provide good quality services, in the area nearest the applicant's work location. Our team is always to your disposal to assist you by phone,, with all your travel planning needs.

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Secours Populaire Français

French charity: Secours Populaire Français

Following accommodations are participating in the national operation of the « Gîtes solidaires » (solidarity accommodations), with the support of the Gîtes de France and of the French charity "Secours Populaire".

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If you like to hunt the stars with your camera or just watch them, this selection of accommodations is perfect for you! Located at least 800m above sea level, away from light pollution you can observe seasonal meteorite rains, nebulae like Orion or even the ISS.

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Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Do you love water and would you like to laze by a swimming pool under a blazing sun? This is where you can find accommodation with a private pool to spend the holiday of your dreams.

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For us, the main thing is your well-being! If your goal is to relax 100%, put your suitcases in one of our accommodation "Wellness". They are all equipped with at least a Jacuzzi, steam room, spa, sauna or indoor pool.

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We have thirty accommodations with a level of comfort that is superior to 4 ears or more and a level of comfort superior to premium. We attribute the ears and the level of comfort according to the Gîtes de France® charter in order to guarantee you a quality living environment.

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with animal

With animal

Bring your pet for a stay in Alsace in one of our 215 accommodations. They can accept pets for free or with supplement.

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Golf enthusiast? You have found your destination! Here you can book accommodation within 5 km of the golf courses.

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